Sunday, 19 June 2011

'Royal Academy Reject'

Collected this week my little 'Royal Academy' reject.
Welcome Home, I am going to show the little mite at Sydenham Art Festival in a coule of weeks....all the details on my website

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Avenues

I have been printmaking as I mentioned in the last blog and now I have started doing the printing.This is the hard bit because you have to solve problems that the process throws at you.
Yesterday I was working away all day and only managed to produce one decent print....I had press problems, the pressure for the lino just kept escaping me.

Having a good days printing in my opinion depends on many factors and one of them is sharpness of mind, something I certainly did not have as I have a summer cold. I did learn alot though as I am trying lots of new things so I did not feel too bad about it.
Dropped some work with Pippa (ARTDOG) this morning...she is showing my chair I am looking forward to the feedback

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Whoop Whooop I am printmaking at last!!!!!

I am back in my summer residence and have spent the week drawing and making collograph plates and lino has been heaven.
I have little idea of how they are going to look so am enjoying this freedom I have created for myself.
It can be a serious buisness making art and this is just no good for it.
The person viewing the image and hopefully falling helplessly in love with it wants something else...not serious.
I'm just sure of it!!!
When the images have been revealed to me from under the rollers of the printing press I will share my glee.