Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A New Home

After months of having to negotiate the ridiculous way we have to buy and sell houses it happened and I am here. It has been a real revelation to me ....letting go. Letting go of the familiar, letting go of the things you believe you can't live without. Now I don't want to live without the sea, the space and the sky. Taking in the landscape every day whatever the weather is making my mind full of visuals for work and it has started, slowly but surely.
And then theres the house, there is lots to do but I love it. My studio has a view its small but the window is floor to ceiling.... and then theres the birds, so many of them......

I look forward to seeing how my work unfolds from this point....I feel braver and my head feels clearer.....watch this space!!

Monday, 25 January 2016


My new show Water, Heath & Home opens at the beginning of February, I am showing a new body of work that I think shows a real fluidity that having a year to produce created for me. I am showing with ceramic artist Jacqueline Leighton Boyce her work draws inspiration from the landscape which surrounds her. Although the medium is different the approach has real similarities to my own and I think our work sits very well together.

'The Demure Dandelion'

Mixed media on canvas

The show runs from 4th-27th February
Private View Wednesday 3rd February 6.00-8.30pm

Monday, 11 January 2016

Studio Sale.. A January clear out!

Part of me feels reluctant to start the clear out because the tentative business of buying and selling a house. I have not exchanged contracts yet but it feels close so I am making a positive move, I am making space for it so here goes a Studio Sale!!!!!!
Here are the paintings that need to go to a new home........Please contact me at jooakleyartist@yahoo.com I will take reasonable offers.....dont be shy.

'Bedroom Chair'
Mixed media on canvas

'He is coming home'
Mixed media on canvas

'Lillies Vase'
Mixed media on canvas
'Sunday morning'
Mixed media on board

Mixed media on canvas

'Home sweet home'
Mixed media on canvas

Mixed media on board

'Mary's Cup'
Mixed media on board
'Matching Set I'
Mixed Media on board

'Golden Hours be yours'
Mixed media on board

"Two Cups'
Mixed media on canvas