Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hello Autumn and Hello Vince.......

The weather has told us otherwise up until today, it has been so warm and the light so exquisite. The studio door has been wide open until last week which I am truly grateful for as I have missed the beach and thinking about it too much and attempting to conjure it up is a great mistake for me, it freezes my imagination.
The door being open has had another significance it has meant my new companion can run is two years to the month that 'Sophie' my lovely dog died. It has taken up until now to be able to accept a new dog into the house. 'Vince' is a present from my partner for my significant birthday I celebrated last month. We are getting to know each other and he is a wonderful little character growing and changing daily.
I have a solo show next month so apart from Vince that has been my other preoccupation it starts on the 17th November and runs until 23rd December. The Beaux Arts Bath Gallery is a beautiful listed Georgian building with a very intimate feel. I am really looking forward to seeing it all hung especially the largest piece I have made... 'When sea meets sky'........
There is also the small matter of Lee Green Open Studios in the middle two weekends of November....more details to come. x

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Looking back and moving forward

I have had a good long break from the routine but have not stopped thinking about making my work I never switch off from the thoughts but its good to stop the physical action of making it. It has been a great summer and I have had no desire at all to leave these shores. 
I have been invited to show in a beautiful gallery in Bath in November so have started the process of getting this show together. Thinking how I want this large body of work to look and what story I want to tell. I am now well and truly back to the studio with one distraction coming in the middle of this month....a big birthday. A chance to have a big party to match it and get together with my dear friends and celebrate!!!

Friday, 11 July 2014

'The Process'

'Sweetpeas & Tamarisk'

Using social media has become a valuable tool to create an audience, this works on many levels and gives an opportunity for one to get some feedback on new work before it goes out into the real world.
It also allows friendships to develop which supports and encourages which when one works alone is a very special thing.
Some days a few words of encouragement just make all the difference.
I am working at the moment on a large body of work for a solo show and I have started on this in the last couple of weeks and my mind is full of a story I would like to tell. The first painting is finished and I have for the first time taken pictures through the week of my process and the painting coming to life...........


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Cups and stuff…….

They arrived!! Cups, plates, jugs and a tea pot in blue and red colour way and I love them!!
I am just designing the label before I start the marketing. I have sold quite a few bits already to my lovely friends that are so enthusiastic about them. My little painting did not get hung in the Academy so it is back home with me but I have some plans for it and am going to take it to Bath. A beautiful gallery there have asked me to take a couple of bits to show in their summer show so it is a good excuse to go and explore Bath.I have not been there for many years and Beaux Arts is a Gallery that fills me with excitement to show in. It is a beautiful Georgian building that was two houses now knocked into one with a very elegant gallery space.
Having a coffee now using one of my cups as I write……Have a good week xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Happy Days

It was a great week last week in more ways than one……don't you just love it when things that you have had in the pipe line for a while come together so nicely.
Firstly I had an article about little old me published in Homes & Antiques magazine and it was beyond my expectations and looks really really good!
Secondly I had my painting excepted in 'Summer Exhibition in the Royal Academy….I will find out if it gets hung on 22nd May so my fingers are crossed.
Thirdly I went away to Whitstable for the weekend and the weather was great which meant we could sit in the sunshine…open up the beach hut… outside……a little bit of heaven………..

Friday, 21 March 2014

Time to reflect……..

There is  sometimes if your lucky time to reflect, I have been working through ideas slowly but surely but have given myself some time to think about the landscape I want to make for myself.
My brother's illness…alcoholism and his time in rehab has had this unexpected effect on me. He is to me showing great courage in his honesty and it has made me think about the approach I have myself to work especially. Being so very busy all the time can be an avoidance of looking at the nitty gritty of oneself and the quality of the experience.
As a result I am having more courage myself to develop ideas that I have sidelined because they are going to take me to new places and I think I have avoided putting myself there.
So I have been accepted on 'Space Studios New Creative Marketing Programme' to help develop these ideas. 
I have also been shortlisted for RA Summer Exhibition so my fingers are crossed on that one and there are other new connections that I will keep blogging about as they evolve!!
Happy Spring to one and all especially my brother who is bloody brave and I wish him all the strength and surrender he needs………

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Out Of The Grey…….

My cards were launched this month at Top Drawer with Dry Red Press and I am thrilled with them. It is difficult to get the colours right in the printing process but these are really good. I have put them up for Sale in my new shop on the website. Dry Red Press have a look for yourself……
I have also been painting for a commission which I was confident I knew what the client wanted but when I let her see the progress I realised the pitfalls of this process and that one cannot read minds.
I have now re started painting but the great thing is I feel really excited by the original painting and out of the grey of January I have this painting to look at myself and it has surprised me

Monday, 13 January 2014

It's a New world, a New dawn a New day……….

Wow was I sucked down into a vortex in December…I was consumed!
Spat out now and absolutely raring to go, I am setting up a shop on my web-site and slowly but surely I am going to show my wares…….
Painting is  coming and this weekend I went for a long sunshine filled walk through Greenwich park and along the river with my beau.
We visited my childhood and walked in well trodden steps and it stirred up my imagination and I am keen to start drawing.
So the conclusion is I am going to put my head down now and make some work in all it's different forms and I am very happy to be doing so…..Happy January everybody.