Wednesday, 27 February 2013

'Home Sweet Home'

'Home Sweet Home' is going off on Monday to the big tent in Battersea park for the Spring Affordable Art Fair. Stark Gallery Stand is the host for my new paintings. I do not want to even mention the cold dank conditions of the past few weeks with the lowest light levels!
I have painted myself into sunnier climbs, transporting my mind to another realm has been a form of salvation....Thank heavens for the opportunity.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Taking on a new task

I have had a website for a long time and a friend and fellow artist Tina Mammoser has worked on it for me. She is now sending me off into the world wide web alone with a site I can manage myself, I am really happy about this because as new work is made I can show it which means the site will be so much more current. I have got much to learn and Tina is going to help me to get it looking like I want it before I am left alone with it.
I want to be able to show other things that I am doing more immediately so it can flow which is how the different aspects of my work appear. This aspect of this task really excites me and I want to use it as more of a tool of expression rather than just a showcase........In the meantime I have of course been painting and it has been cold so I have been escaping to a warmer place in the imagery. 
'Sweet Peas'