Monday, 30 January 2012

Bum Wipes and the flu?

The past week was truly awful, just when I felt that January blues had been conquered by a heady mixture of exercise and culture BAM the flu struck me down. I am left feeling really low, it seems like a mountain to climb today just to get myself into the studio. I feel sad and defeated and old!!
Mmmm not good.
I had some excitement however from my sick bed when watching daytime tv I spotted one of my paintings in the background of a tv ad...I was at first thinking how great that was then the reality that it was an ad for moist bum wipes struck me.
My next post will not be as depressing I promise!!!!

Dawn Porter in a still from the ad (painting to the left).

Monday, 16 January 2012

A Blast From The Past

January oh January you are a difficult animal to wrestle with, warm and grey or crisp and beautifully clear and cold I am trying to learn to like you!
I have in the last few months started to run...regularly I take a quick walk up to Backheath and then have a run and walk back. It is a really great way to start the day and especially at this time of year enjoy the fresh air and the precious light, I think I am not dramatic in saying it has changed my life and my body for that matter.
On the way back last week I dropped into the charity shop and came across a print by Rowland Hilder dated 1936. It bought some great childhood memories flooding back as I had the good fortune to have a friendship with one of his grand daughters and as a consequance got to spend alot of time with them all from the age of about eight. Rowland and his wife Edith who was a wonderful women lived next door so the huge gardens were joined by a gap in the wall at the bottom. We spent many a happy hour in this glorious garden and often wandered into Rowlands Studio which he was quite happy for us to do.
The painting I have made this week is a homage to Edith and Rowland as I am sure not only my own artistic home has had its influences so did that one.....


This month you can see a collection of work shown with Catharine Miller at 'The Decorative Fair' in Battersea Park 24th-29th January
Including 'Honesty'