Friday, 21 March 2014

Time to reflect……..

There is  sometimes if your lucky time to reflect, I have been working through ideas slowly but surely but have given myself some time to think about the landscape I want to make for myself.
My brother's illness…alcoholism and his time in rehab has had this unexpected effect on me. He is to me showing great courage in his honesty and it has made me think about the approach I have myself to work especially. Being so very busy all the time can be an avoidance of looking at the nitty gritty of oneself and the quality of the experience.
As a result I am having more courage myself to develop ideas that I have sidelined because they are going to take me to new places and I think I have avoided putting myself there.
So I have been accepted on 'Space Studios New Creative Marketing Programme' to help develop these ideas. 
I have also been shortlisted for RA Summer Exhibition so my fingers are crossed on that one and there are other new connections that I will keep blogging about as they evolve!!
Happy Spring to one and all especially my brother who is bloody brave and I wish him all the strength and surrender he needs………


Saviour Pirotta said...

Great post, Jo. People do surprise us with their hidden strengths when we least expect them to. Look forward to seeing your new work.

Carole Reid said...

Congratulations to you!