Saturday, 29 January 2011

This Morning

It's a strange place to be when someone you love has died but the funeral has not yet happened.I have been doing alot of thinking,dreaming,painting and looking...looking intently at things I   may have missed.
When I was looking  this morning I noticed I had placed a painting in a spot in the living room that it seemed to relate to all the objects around it.
Have a look..The lower painting is mine,the one above it is painted by Jean Barham.
She had a studio in Greenwich right on the river Thames by the house I lived with my parents, we moved in when I was nine.
I was facinated by Jean she died a few years ago now but was painting and making right until the end of her life.
The vase I have had  for a while but had never looked at the coloured trangles like I did this morning.

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