Monday, 16 May 2011

The Kitchen

The Kitchen has had particular prominence in my world the last week or so as I have had a new one installed. Not many people I know would have an older kitchen installed than the one they pulled out!!!
'Rose' as I refer to her as has arrived and she is a beautiful thing. I bought her over 18months ago.
Now installed I am thrilled with the result.
I am also on the process of making a mosaic for a friends kitchen, I started it last week and will finish it this week. I have not made any mosaics for a long time but am really enjoying this.
Here are some pics of the begining of the mosaic and 'Rose' my new kichen.
One half of 'Rose'

Jo,s mosaic, I think a bird is going to land right in the middle.


Tina Mammoser said...

She's looking great! And you have real actual cupboards! :)

design elements said...

lovely kitchen i like the second photo a lot

Francesca said...

hello jo, visiting via who visited the bristol show and blogged your lovely work. rose is very lovely. must be good to have her in after a year and a half. anyway, lovely work.