Monday, 4 July 2011

linoleum, my new pal.

Many moons ago I made some lino cuts and for whatever reason the memory of this drifted into the past and I did not think about making them again untill a few weeks ago.
As many other people that spend alot of time alone with their own mind I have become overcome with desire to use this medium.
I am thinking about the images day and night and have discovered some lino cutters of the past that have the most beautiful line 'Sybil Andrews' being one of them.
I have discovered sources of influence of many printmakers that I admire today so have had some real revelations.
I have had some cushions made of my latest lino which I will be showing at the Sydenham Arts Trail this weekend.
Looking forward to seeing what the world thinks of it all as I would never know if I didnt come out of the shed!
I will be at 35 Bishopsthorpe Rd SE264PA

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