Wednesday, 23 November 2011


November is such a busy busy time, Open Studio stands in the two middle weeks and because the studio is at home now I invite people into my home. This in itself is an interesting experience that always brings surprises as I get to see old and new faces, catch up on news and meet some lovely people. I feel part of my community because it is so well supported by the neighbourhood. Thankyou to everybody who came, there were lots of you!!
On Tues this week paintings were picked up for one of my next shows, part of a mixed show 'Inside Life'
at Store Street Gallery in the heart of  Bloomsbury running from 29th November-15th January 2012. The private view is on Thursday 1st December 6.00-8.00.
Last but not least I have a selection of work showing with ArtDog at the Frameless Gallery Clerkenwell EC1 0PD 28th November-10th December. Private View Tuesday November 29th 6-9pm.
After all of that a bit of a rest I think.............

'Olives Lanturns' at Store Street Gallery

'Bedroom chair' Store Street Gallery

'Late Summer' Frameless Gallery

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