Saturday, 28 April 2012

'What happens on grey days'

'Jug from Povence'
This week has had weather ranging from the spectacular to the truly yuk sending any hopes of warm sunshine to a distant dream like state. Being held up in the studio is not a real hardship, I was just really enjoying having the door open and the heater off. I have been painting very happily and new paintings are beginning to emerge. The lovely Catharine Miller is showing a select collection of paintings at 'Decorative Fair' Battersea Park this week and I am showing with ArtDog London at Affordable Art Fair Bristol in a couple of weeks so busy getting this together.

During one of these grey days I had an idea about showing in my blog objects in the house that I have either found or been given...not birthday or christmas presents but unwanted things that various people have given to me. Each of these things has a story to tell and this is really the nature of my work, images that have a strong narrative and connection.
First one is a painting that I found recently it is an old Windsor & Newton stretcher. It was propped up against a neighbours bin and I spotted it on the way back from a run. I have been really inspired this year by the work of 'Swarmhome' they make one off pieces made from thrift finds for Anthropologie amongst others and are based in Holland. This find is in time going to be made into a bag!

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Carole said...

Love your painting! Nice find. A bag made of the painting.....exciting!