Monday, 14 May 2012

Affordable Art Fair Bristol

Affordable Art Fair Bristol

'New Found Love'
This year although the Affordable Art Fair Bristol is an event I have taken part in for a few years now I am showing with ARTDOG for the very first time with the lovely Pippa Graber which is really exciting and makes me a little nervous because I want to do well for her!
I am showing a selection of work from a new collection I have been working hard on so fingers crossed it is well received.
I have a few works on board of which the painting 'New Found Love' is one of them. Working on board has a different quality as the working surface is very different to canvas and it has its challenges but ones that I am really enjoying.

Affordable Art Fair Bristol
Brunels Old Station
Temple Meads
ArtDog London
Stand D12


Carole said...

Congratulations Jo! Fingers crossed here in Nanaimo for you. 'New Found Love' is fabulous!

Jo Oakley said...

Thanks Carole xx