Monday, 2 November 2015

'A pea souper'

There has been thick fog in London for the last couple of days which has mirrored my mood some how not having much clarity. Lots of change is on the horizon and I have to be patient. I thought patience was one of my qualities but how wrong can I be, infact I am feeling inpatient and it doesn't work. 
On a lighter note as the nights draw in one has the urge to snuggle in....hanker down and as the world gets a bit smaller it's the little things that have the biggest impact and this simplifies life which for now is valuable.
The cosy studio, blankets on the bed and soup....the soup season.
This month also brings the 16th Lee Green Open Studios which is unbelievable, it feels like a celebration because if all goes to plan this will be the last here at Stable Cottage....the end of an era for me. Sarah Gursoy-Heuser is joining me again this year with her beautiful prints and other wares so it will be good fun and am really looking forward to it.......

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