Monday, 24 April 2017

Holidaying at Home and Abroad

Over the Easter holidays I had the good fortune to have a week away with my daughters to Lanzarote. 
We all had never visited this Island so we decided to break up the week staying at two different venues and this proved to be be a great idea as it varied our perspective. Lanzarote Retreats was our first destination which is close to the beach and a self catering eco establishment. We had Yoga and Pilates in the mornings and then headed out to explore. We discovered an artist called Ceasar Manrique who has a huge influence on the Island which he defended from developers with true passion. His legacy is breathtaking from the architecture of the tourist destinations including a Cactus garden and the longest lava tube in the world to his sculpture and paintings. Visiting his house and studio was eerie as he died in a car crash and so it is as if he could return at any minute especially in his studio where work was in progress and it has been left as it was.

 The second place was  surrounded by lava fields and volcanoes, I loved it here. El Jallo is a boutique hotel run by a lovely couple who couldn't have been kinder.
I highly recommend a visit!

Going away is lovely but then so is coming home, having a bit of distance is so valuable. I came home with a new found energy and am going with it.
Plans to use the house for airbnb has been my plan for a while now and now I am going to include 'Rosie' in the listing. She will reside at the end of the garden and once she is settled in I will start taking is all very exciting......

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