Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Today I have finished the painting that I am going to submit for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and I have to deliver it tomorrow!!!
Why have I left it to the last minute....I have an idea why.
I have been painting now for a long time but have only submitted work for the last four years.
I have been accepted each time although one year the painting was not can be accepted but not hung.
The expectation this time is high so I have had a really casual approach to the whole thing, this expectation I talk of is only within myself.
I have made a weeny painting which I will not show to the world until I have the verdict. Watch this space............

1 comment:

Beatrix said...

Jo I khow you feel but if there is one thing I learn't about life is you just have to jump in and throw caution to the wind.Don't think to much...just do it!
Love your work!!