Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Saying Goodbye

Remembering Him 80x120cm
It is always a time to stop, pause and think about the next body of work after a big show.
I also have to say goodbye to the paintings that have sold, some are harder to part with than others.
The pieces that have held you and had a more difficult dilogue with are the ones, these are the works that have pushed me.
Just as the relationships in life some are easier than others and sometimes there are hidden rewards for the ones that have been hard work!
Goodbye to all the paintings I sold at the weekend but especially to 'Remembering Him'
Thankyou Andrew and Leila at Stark Gallery x


Anonymous said...

Its a beautiful painting, I'm not surprised you've had trouble parting with it.

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

I happily stumbled across your blog. Lovely statement and photo.