Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Big Week

On Monday last week I attended 'Varnishing Day' at The Royal Academy, steeped in tradition it was a lovely day. A service for artists takes place a St James church after a parade down Piccadilly headed by the priest and then back to the Academy for a bite to eat and a glass of bubbles. The exciting bit is that you have no idea where your painting will be! In previous years I have been hung in The Small Weston Room and have never experienced being hung in any other part of the gallery so I was really happy to find myself hung in Gallery III which  critics have hailed to be the most successful hanging as it seems very rhythmic giving the work room to breathe as apposed to the traditional hanging normally see in previous years in the Small Weston gallery.
I visited again with friends on Friday evening and had a better chance to look at the exhibition and enjoy the feeling of having my work in that beautiful gallery.

Gallery III with my painting in it 


Carole Cochrane said...

Fascinating to hear what happens during the day ! Thanks for sharing...

Carole said...

It looks good there breathing happily!