Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Next Stop

Next week I have a selection of paintings going to Bloomsbury Art Fair with Artdog London, it is a foundling Art Fair but last year it was a real pleasure to visit as its not too big. Sometimes the vastness of an Art Fair can be so overwhelming because there is too much to take in.

There are some great galleries showing there and hopefully weather permitting it will be a lovely summery event. I have made a couple of little paintings on board.....'Olives Cupboard' and below' Table and Chair'Let the sun shine on us now as I think we all deserve a bit of summer!!!

Bloomsbury Art Fair      6-8 July
Goodenough College       4th July Preview
Mecklenburgh Square      Midsummer Party 5th July
London WC1N 2AB

more info www.bloombury-art-fair.com

1 comment:

Carole Cochrane said...

Good Luck with it, Jo ! Do love 'Olives Cupboard', just adore the colours and the composition format !!