Monday, 9 July 2012

Urban Art Brixton a Sun Dance

Next weekend is Urban Art in Brixton and I will be doing a sun dance!!! I cannot actually believe the weather we are having it is so crap. I am an absolute optimist when it comes to the weather my girls will tell you that I am the mum on the the beach saying 'look, I can see some blue sky coming our way'. My resolve is really being tried!!
Urban Art Brixton is such a great event with a really high quality of art on show, so get your rain mac's on and get yourself down there to support the brave and courageous artistes that put their wares on the fences of Josephine Avenue come rain or shine.
I am going to take this painting with me because it is the sunniest painting and if the heavens open I can stand in front of it pretending that summer is here!!!
Afternoon Tea
Mixed Media on canvas


Tina Mammoser said...

You're taking THAT painting! ha. I shall rise to the challenge... must look bold and awesome next to giant beachhut stripes...

Carole said...

I'll do a little sun dance for you too! Your optimistic attitude is wonderful.....we need more optimists in the world! Have fun....wish I was there to see your work in real life.

Jo Oakley said...

Oh Carole I wish you could come!