Monday, 29 April 2013

Day Dreaming

I have had a nasty virus which stopped me in my tracks and now on the other side of it I can find some positives to be had from a forced halt to my creativity. I really do not actually stop thinking about work it is with me constantly, whether making it or thinking about making it I do not really get any rest from it.
My head hurt so much there was no place to go except to try and get some sleep, a few days of that has given me a break from thinking and I realise that I need to do it without getting ill to do so.
I have some exciting new ventures on the horizon this year and I want to make some space for new ideas and so thats what I am working on achieving.
I have had some beautiful new canvas's made which I picked up this weekend and I am surrounded by the presence of a blank space so this is definitely a theme which I am not going to ignore!
I am going to take my time and day dream a little.

'Day Dreaming'

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