Monday, 20 May 2013

Campari & Soda

Luckily this weekend we took no notice of the weather forecast and got out of town to our retreat in Whitstable. It was such a surprise to experience some beautiful delicate sunshine and see some glass like sea.
The spring flowers are everywhere and bursts of colour are such a welcome sight after the grey skies. Walking in the harbour in a search for baclava I saw this plant clinging to the harbour wall and it took me back to my school playground where I discovered it for the first time 'Shepherds purse' the name fuelled my imagination and I am looking forward to doing some drawing this week of this delicate little plant.
We had lunch in the deli and they had some take-away bottles of Campari and Soda which make great flower pots....not sure about the drink though?

Shepherds Purse

Campari & Soda bottle

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