Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lee Green Open Studios 2013 & an Exhibition in Cambridge at Byard Art

Daisy (my daughter) and I are again opening our home as part of Lee Green Open Studios. It is a time when the house gets a good spruce up and we get to show our wares. Its an opportunity for me to show other things that I have done. I am especially looking forward to showing some of my fabric designs and seeing what you think. I am also part of a lovely exhibition in Cambridge at Byard Art this month and part of November.............
'Waiting for the sun'
showing at Byard Art Cambridge

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Jane Aston said...

I haven't been doing much blogging lately. I have just caught up with your blog looking over the past few posts. I love your pictures of home and all those vessels you use. I paint landscape and collect things too. Goodluck with selling in Stockholm. How did the Open House do? I did one in Bristol once and sold lots of Monoprints I pasted onto canvas and then now in France I haven't sold a thing, this is ok as I need to take my paintings away from here to sell. I must look up Affordable Art fair. Thanks for the blog.