Saturday, 27 October 2012

Crazy November!!!!

November is looming, today the temperature has really dopped and my layers of clothing for the studio/shed have increased even the late auntie Peg's knitted socks are on!
I am getting ready for Open Studio which I hold at home as the studio is in the garden.The thought of so many people coming through my front door makes me suddenly look around the house with such scrutiny that I usually end up doing something disruptive like this year... tiling the little bit of hall by my front door...determined to do it myself. I have not done it yet but tiles,adhesive and grout are at the ready for me to take the task on next week.
I am at the moment getting work ready for Affordable art Fair Hampstead, Andrew at Stark Gallery is showing only framed work and I have really enjoyed painting on board. The surface is so smooth so the paint behaves slightly differently to the canvas.
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead starts next week 1st-4th November
The middle two weekend are Open Studios and amongst other things I have my new placemats on sale. They have just arrived and I am really pleased with the final result.Open Studio is part of Lee Green Open Studios so in a very walkable trail there are some really interesting things to see. My daughter Daisy is also showing her work with me and she has made some great things. My mum Annette Johnson has her studio open too so it's a real family affair. Mums paintings are delicate and beautiful and I think all three of us have a common thread as we all find inspiration in similar places and objects but we all see them in different ways.

Linocut Daisy Oakley

Oil on Board Annette Johnson

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Saviour Pirotta said...

I love the new placemats, Jo. They are stylishly retro and would look great in any kitchen.