Thursday, 6 December 2012

'Snuggling in for a while'

I do not want to point out the obvious but its December and it is getting cold so after the busy last few months this is a good chance to snuggle in and enjoy the festive season.
I have recently been to Cambridge to deliver some paintings to Byard Art a lovely gallery in the heart of Cambridge. While I was there I visited the amazing Kettles Yard which was so inspiring, it was the home of Jim Ede, one time curator at Tate Gallery who wanted to share with others the art and objects he collected over fifty years.
He became good friends of Ben and Winifred Nicholson amongst others and his home is a treasure trove which is his collection.
There is a gallery attached to the house and showing now is a small collection of paintings by Winifred Nicholson which I found very inspiring. In a letter to Ede she wrote;
"All my spare time I spend trying to delve further, to find more.
When one is young one is satisfied by a flower petal or a sparkle. Now I want more-of the rainbow scale of the flower and the reason and the travel of the sparkle, and most of all a long quiet time of peace and uninterrupted thought............

Ben Nicholson Princess (kings and queens)

I have been screen printing recently which is not something I have done before, I have been printing on fabric and really enjoying learning about this new process, a piece of fabric in Kettles Yard by Ben Nicholson really caught my eye!
'Blue Moon' 
'leaves and stones'
I am having an exhibition in the autumn next year at Byard Art which I am really looking forward to working for. They are including me in their mixed exhibitions and this is one of the paintings that is included in their 'Christmas Cracker' show.

'Tea With Friends'

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank  all the lovely people that came  to my 'Open Studio' it was a great fun. 

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