Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Oh Yes Its January alright...........

'Through her eyes'

Im really not sure about January, I think when I was young it was a time of year I got an illness of some kind or another. Now I try and fill it with wishes and dreams and I try and think of ways of reaching out to them.
The days are getting longer at last and although the light is still a challenge there is hope of crisp clear days...I am dreaming of them.
A new painting has emerged over the holiday which was really inspired by my visit to Kettles Yard at the beginning of December and I also have a new camera to play with as I want to take some really good quality pictures to create a range of greetings cards.
I am enjoying taking shots of my house and as you can see how inextricably linked work is to home, I don't know why but each time I realise this I am so surprised!


Saviour Pirotta said...

Great post! I think it's about time Joleta starred in her own painting too

Jo Oakley said...

Her name is Edwina...Jolita is getting herself ready for her public!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Jo I know just what you mean about January. But it is the start of more light, always a good thing!
Wonderful window paintings.

Mel Bailey said...

I love your window paintings Jo. So still and calm.